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How can we answer the riddle if we are clueless in this life? How can we face the world if our root was shallow? How can we overcome life without a rope? Can we ever beat ourselves? Can we?

In a one woody place, there was a young tree standing and wondering if he can survive the storm coming through, he cried as he knew that he cannot endure such a thing like storm, he knew that storm can break his branches, can scatter all his leaves and maybe put him laid on the ground. He cried for this trial is more than he could do, as his tears falling to the ground he notice the small ants, he watche as the ants carry there foods. They are helping each other, as they work with there colonies extending their mighty strength. Then he said to himself, 'I want to be an ant, I want to be as strong as they carry their future.'... more »


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Brother, sleep with the sins
Sound of silence now it begins
Here where I stand many are buried
Blood were shed fought by hatred.... more »

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