• Addicted To The Pain

    Worthless, Stupid, Dumb, things you said to keep me numb, to my self confidence which no longer exists, to my self torment that continues to persist, its ugly head reminds me of my self demise in the hell my life comprise.

    Constant put downs are what are fed, this dish served with poisoned bread. Knowing that this can never work, as hard as I tried failure always lurked. The damage it caused, my life it drained, but always did I return addicted to the pain.... more »

  • Glass Of Wine

    A toast to you my sweet unknown, to the day when your identity will finally be shown, a toast to memories we will make, together our destiny we will take, in our hands for us to control, as we take our life’s stroll.

    A toast to the life we will live, the family we will build and the uninhibited love to each other we will give.... more »

  • If

    If only I knew the sorrow I could cause,
    If only I knew the pain I could inflict,
    If only I stopped and paused,
    I would have known what to predict.... more »

  • Shackles

    Bound by life’s struggles, convinced that the sight of hope is the sight of your life dangling by an endless rope. Hung on a tree without leaves as it stands alone in a desert where even wishes do not believe.

    No matter how much you fight and try, the only comfort that quenches your soul is the warmth of your tears as you sit and cry.... more »

  • The Closet

    The door opens as I shove another one in, mixed with happy times and sin. No particular order just a mangled mess. Hidden from all for no one to see, lost to the world except me.

    Behind this door are my fears and my pain, my unaccomplished triumphs and my life’s stains.... more »

  • The Stream

    The pulse pushes the blood through my veins, to cure, to help, to wash away the pain.

    I can feel every dropp as it is pumped from my heart, as it hits my finger tips and toes, but even as it flows, lifeless I feel, everything I believed to be real is unreal.... more »

  • To The Very End

    My Father,
    Gave us all his hearts content,
    Never were we a bother,
    Our pains and sorrows he would fend.... more »

  • Tomorrows And Yesterdays

    ... more »

  • Waiting

    As I sit alone in this bench I call my life, I pray that company visits my misery, to resolve this solitude is to dissolve its amplitude by an enormous degree of intensity.

    No knocks on the door, no phone calls anymore, just loneliness and silence visits me now, as I wonder how this turn of events have plagued me, I have to search deep into my life of senseless reality.... more »