• Dreams Of Odysseus

    Starry night, here I lie
    Foresee the stories of a true good guy
    Count the stars up so high
    Oh how I want to spin and fly... more »

  • First Star I See Tonight

    A walk upon this cloudy night,
    Where troops of stars continue to fight,
    Stands a wispy star shining its hopeful light,
    Which is fair over a dimming candlelight,... more »

  • Gifts Of God

    Blades of grass that love to tickle
    Mind at peace that forgets to stickle
    Sweets whispers from air that bends
    Hugs you like your best friends... more »

  • Waterfall

    The deepest and darkest cave
    Where heroes fail to be brave
    Senses baffled, Lost it all
    Blind spot hit, Unready to fall, fall, fall... more »