• Inside-Outside

    People see me as a nerd.
    People see me as intelligent in Science.
    People see me as dumb in reading and writing.
    People see me as a geek with no friends.... more »

  • Pow

    ... more »

  • The Battle With In

    ... more »

  • The Storm That Was

    i blew up like a storm
    i whanted to punch a wall
    i yelled at the top of my lungs
    i did not whant to be your friend... more »

  • When I Lookin To Your Eyes

    when i lookin to your eyes i see my wife to be
    i see the love of my life
    i see all the stars in the sky staring back at me
    i see my greatest acheavment... more »

  • Your Eyes

    how can this be that when i look at you i think about what we might be

    how can this be that i want to hold you when you are cold and let you know someone loves you... more »