• As It Were

    piles of apples strewn and broken robbed as it were
    from all they knew to be true
    do you
    think of these things you know as it were as a child might... more »

  • Enlightenment In A Whisper

    would you believe me if I said
    I want to rip my chest open
    gouge out my heart
    and throw it at the world... more »

  • Faith

    filled with all the passions
    that bleed
    the bad shepards... more »

  • Fire

    Hurry up, sire, the enemy surely approaches hither.

    Anger like a fierce wild animal rages in me.
    Sick of... more »

  • For My Garden

    but as for me
    i will stay up late
    and get up early
    as for me... more »

  • Hell

    weeping willow
    I am in you
    there in the midnight sky
    my blood painted with your scars... more »

  • Institution's Alive

    When i was 7 years old
    there was a window in the seclusion room
    of the mental health ward
    and it had steel mesh... more »

  • Panacea


    two syllables, five letters... more »

  • Pornos And Prostitutes

    She sits
    in a room of darkness dreary... more »

  • Rainy Daze

    Shafts of orange light
    pierce the evergreens
    the trees
    cover the horizon... more »

  • The Sliding Glimpser

    I am a sliding glimpser
    when i have nothing to note
    no songs to sing... more »

  • The Taming Of Horses

    Silent pools where the
    waterfalls drain so sad
    as they've fallen pierced
    hands clasp over heart... more »

  • The Unbroken Curse Of The Damned

    the one true God has teeth,

    you know.
    It's not a popular message... more »

  • Tigers

    Tigers in the cage
    looking out
    trapped again why?
    scary people... more »