I was born in Hialeah and raised here for most if not all of my life. I took an early interest in poetry and message therapy mainly due to the fact that I am always looking for ways to make others feel better, whether it be physically, spiritually, or both. I look forward to your comments and I hope you all enjoy my work. I'm always looking to improve my abilities so constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.


Erik Rodriguez Poems

What Is Love

It's the gentle embrace we have come to share.
It's how you wash away despair.
It's your passion burning deep within.
It's the beauty I see when you walk in.... more »

Before The Dawn

My eyes wander towards the sky
As time seems to drift idly by
These thoughts still linger in my mind
Of two strong hearts now intertwined... more »


Rest your head upon my lap
For it is time for us to nap
To drift away to a far off place
And succumb to our dreams gentle embrace... more »

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