• Awake In The Night

    As I lay here awake the clock strikes 3
    Lost and upset, without any glee.

    Memories and days that you have forgot... more »

  • Broken

    you could say im the girl with the broken heart
    no where to run and no where to start.
    your the only one who runs through my head,
    the pain you have caused; better left unsaid.... more »

  • Dear You (From My Broken Heart)

    Dear You,
    Last night i realized I've taken this to far
    and when it comes down to it
    I dont know who you are.... more »

  • Homework

    i tried to write a poem
    for this class i take at school
    when will the teacher ever learn
    that poetry isnt cool.... more »

  • Radio

    hes the boy in my head
    when i sing with the radio
    hes the one who i love
    more than he'll ever know.... more »

  • Seasons Change

    Seasons change as do people
    Leaves fall and the sun shines
    Forgetting about your important lines... more »

  • Stronger

    theres so much i want to say
    to get this off my chest.
    i thought that you were different
    but you're just like all the rest.... more »

  • To Whom It May Concern

    To whom it may concern, I've got something to say
    but no one seems to listen, no one seems to stay.
    To whom it may concern, Will you please tell them to stop?
    the way they make me feel, only makes me drop.... more »

  • Who We Are

    Lyrics are for singers
    who express their heart through song.
    Hands were made for holding
    when true love comes along.... more »