• Book With A Promise

    The family bible floating on the bed
    Telling me things that I once had
    Preaching spirits that did not belong,... more »

  • Can You Feel Me?

    Can you feel me?
    I’m disappearing from the world
    Because of what’s going on today.
    Little talk all action wonder if its... more »

  • Cry

    You say when I cry, you cry, we cry together
    There’s not a lot to what you said.
    A lost friendship because of your lies... more »

  • Fading Star After Ne Me Quitte Pas

    Always smiling always frowning
    Always ready to paint the town.
    Never able to keep her down.
    But she slowly fades away.... more »

  • F-R-E-E

    I protect myself from the outside so that it would seem i'm fearless.
    I sometimes wonder what the world would be if there were no me.
    I learned how to control that bull dog inside of me wanting to go free.
    The darkness i have come accustomed to has gotten a hold on me.... more »

  • Grandmothers Falling

    There was a time way before you said hello to me.
    You were tall and (short) thin and beautiful.
    Make-up touched your skin with the stroke of a brush.
    You were light skinned (and)... more »

  • Imperfect Me!

    Through the mirror i see my tears flow a thousand miles away from me.
    Deep inside me i feel a fear holding me back,
    that keeps pulling me tighter and tighter as the days go by.
    I can't even feel pain, happiness, or weakness because of the hold it has on me.... more »

  • In Your Love Dream

    You are caught in a brawl with your enemy fearing
    The peace will never come;... more »

  • It's Not Funny!


    Times are changing and the world is flaming,
    from disappointment, it's so sad that we can't even see it.... more »

  • Keeping The Beat After Rodeo

    Fast feet and trickling rain
    Viewing all this from my windowpane.
    Upbeat children constantly singing in the rain.
    Running wild in the streets too hard to tame.... more »

  • Not Classified

    Not classified by the amount of love i give, but by the heart that's giving it.
    Love is not a four letter word you let slip off the tip of your tongue.
    It's felt and something you scream off the top of your lungs.
    I choose not to be defined by a magazine or from words of the wise genuwine ' what's in those jeans'.... more »

  • Path For Darkness

    Waiting for love is like waiting for water to run dry.
    You get your disappointments and your suprises, but how long can they last?
    Words unspoken is like cringing at the darkness that follows, leaving you lost and desperate to go back to the past.
    Heavy hearts are filled with dishonest trust;... more »

  • Silent Kisses

    Upon this hill I wait, wait for you to fulfill my deepest fantasy.
    I don't understand why i bloomed like an unblossoming flower in this life of ecstasy.
    Your touch smooth as a silkening lotion rubbed against mine makes it like a wave of electricity.
    I can't bare this wait any longer, cause as the day goes farther i began to pull away from the mystery.... more »

  • Something New After B***ches Brew

    You've open the door face full of mystery.
    Coming full force towards me with something that seems so new to me.
    Smiling with grace you began to take control.
    Slowly gliding across the ball room floor.... more »

  • Upholding The Tree Of Life

    Oxygen it gives me helping me to breathe.
    Scent it leaves in the air
    Like its presence you can see from a distant sight.
    This tree helps me to think with my mind,... more »

  • Voice Of The Young (In The Voice Of Maya Angelou Defining Singing Artist Sammie

    A child of color singing away
    Like there is no tomorrow or a next day;
    You sound sincere with your godly voice
    Impacting the young to make the right choice.... more »

  • Would I Be Perfect?

    Would i be perfect if my name was different?
    Would i be perfect if my parents were someone else?
    Would i be perfect if my race was different?
    Would i be perfect if i had straighter and longer hair?... more »