Erin Dawn Deneys Poems

The Bad Wolf

The bad wolf trapped her far from home,
The dark hunter of fleshed dreams,
A shadowless prowler in the dark holes we dig,
In the long nights we spend to assure ourselves,... more »

The Chase

Lets play a game of cat and mouse.
With you the clever mouse.
And I the stealthy cat.
Your quick moves will make me hungry.... more »

Revenge Of The Puppets

We are tiny puppets. Playing in a cardboard house. We dance for your amusement. Every night at nine. Our little feet pad up and down. Marching in a row. Our master plays our lives out. To make a big show. We vie for your attention. Please can you spare a penny. We are but tiny puppets. Made from sack and yarn. Our bodies filled with straw. Weighed down with rocks and stone.
He tied our hands with string.
Your safety is important.
Our mouths are sewn tightly shut.... more »

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