Ernest Hemingway 21 July 1899 - 2 July 1961

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I like Hemingway's blunt writing style. like in this poem: '' The only man I ever loved Said good bye And went away He was killed in Picardy On a sunny day. '' - Hemingway simply states: '' He was killed in Picardy ''.. In these few verse, he shows all the bluntness of death... '' On a sunny day ''.. ______________________ - my translation into ITALIAN: L'unico uomo che abbia mai amato Disse addio E se ne andò. Venne ucciso in Picardia In una giornata di sole.
The poem Killed Paive – July 8,1918 is about Hemingway’s terrible war experience: he was wounded by a mortar shell that day. He was actually the first American wounded on the Italian front, a few weeks before his 19th birthday. Killed Paive – July 8,1918 Desire and All the sweet pulsing aches And gentle hurtings That were you, Are gone into the sullen dark. Now in the night you come unsmiling To lie with me A dull, cold, rigid bayonet On my hot-swollen, throbbing soul. __________________________ “I go to the front tomorrow, ” the 18-year-old Hemingway wrote home on a postcard from Milan, dated June 9,1918. Wounded seriously in a mortar explosion one month later, he was treated at the American Red Cross Hospital in Milan. (“P.S. Don’t worry, Pop, ” ends one hospital-bed letter home) . These are among the experiences that helped shape his World War I novel, 'A Farewell to Arms'. (source: Penn State archives) .
...........happy birthday mr. hemingway! ! !
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