• "Good Taste Is The Excuse I've Always Given"

    Organ meat is sort of like organ music. Great at first, but too much
    of it will probably kill you. - Dan Okrent

    After an hour's shower he feels flensed,... more »

  • "Past Present Future"

    She reads palms, auras, and Tarot,
    And tells her customers such things
    They half yearn to hear, seem to know
    Already... or what the future brings?... more »

  • 4am Cab Ride

    For Matthew Zapruder

    You watch the cold bristles and scrawled ghost sheen
    Of a full moon on a black bay beside... more »

  • What is the chance that it would fold like this?
    In the silted gutter, edged by gravel,
    Flanked by cigarette ends, receipts, and leaves,
    A rubber band, very easy to miss,... more »

  • A Few Drinks And We're All Poets

    We'll head out, you and me, have a pint, or
    Maybe three, a cool thin ale, like sunlight,
    Or a lager, toke the dregs of the day.
    We'll catch up, slide down, the barmaid will pour... more »

  • A Legend About Cats

    They made Alexander just a bit tense.
    He could rule the world, but not a tabby.
    Julius Caesar could bash his way through Gaul
    But faint if a lynx pissed near his tents.... more »

  • A Writer’s Life

    A young Napoleon, his hair coursed back, ferine,
    Was already, as a lieutenant in the King’s artillery,
    Expert in ramrod and shot. Being of lower nobility,
    And Corsican into the deal, he considered... more »

  • After We Escaped The Tombs Of The Blind Dead

    We danced gawkily, our soles squishing
    Into soggy grass at the top of the hill
    In the rainstorm that night, city skyline
    A cluster of crystals far off, wishing... more »

  • All Of You On The Good Earth

    For Henry Wessells

    Even sci-fi gurus sometimes stumble.
    Some small, seemingly obvious details... more »

  • An Aging Drunk Observes The Blizzard

    Inspired by The Drama of the Scharnhorst by Fritz-Otto Busch,1956

    I am lonely, of course, hung-over, pale, and fat.
    Hairs wash out, slither down, thatch up the shower drain.... more »

  • Apparition At Moss-Hanne

    Ospreys orbit here, ruling as lords
    Their drowned domains. We row watercourses
    Through miles of lily pads, hoards
    Of hemlock, spruce groves, and grim fortresses... more »

  • Ashore

    The harpooned great white shark heaves onto sand,
    Nudged by waves, red cavern of dripping teeth.
    A crowd comes. Loud gulls wreathe the booming mist.
    Blue flies cloud the fishy sunset, and land.... more »

  • At The Archaeological Institute Of America's Annual Meeting

    O, ungrateful hordes! Archaeologists
    Mill through the hotel lobby, like jammed cars,
    Clogging doorways, aiming all ways, vaguely
    Swerving clots of unflappable classicists.... more »

  • At The Florida Antiquarian Book Fair

    The dealers slump in book-lined booths. They send
    Sentiments from new iPhones and laptops,
    Ignoring the volumes in which they are penned.
    Crowds slouch in sandals and shorts, but a few attend... more »

  • At The Grave Of Thomas Eakins, Late Winter

    Woodland Cemetery, Philadelphia

    The first visit I failed to find it, where
    Commodores and captains lie in brazen... more »

  • Atlantica

    At a touch, the pane of ice jigsaws, cracks
    To diamond scatter, hard cold clouds
    Clustered against a mountain chain.
    One large shard holds its shape, tracks... more »

  • Barnegat Light

    The gull pulls bags from trash and drags them clear.
    He's big as a cat, a blur of snow and soot.
    He pokes until debris spills down the pier.
    He's clumsy, and somehow he's lost a foot.... more »

  • Between Sides Seven And Eight Of Die Walküre

    STEREO OSA-1509, London, FFrr

    The time between a side is like a tide
    Of silence between epochs, the stereo... more »

  • Biglin Brothers Racing

    Thomas Eakins

    Nimble rowers, their art ancient as war,
    Raise their oars and ride gently on dented gold... more »

  • Broad And Washington

    New Year's Day, Mummers

    An awkward spin unbends into a strut
    As sequined brawlers grin, gavotte, and stray,... more »

  • Calavera For A Friend

    Día de los Muertos

    When your heart is scorched out, the unruly world
    Will seal around you as a dark ocean... more »

  • Caligulan

    Your bank calls. Events begin to register
    Some unwelcome forecast. The dreamy nurses
    Switch to Goodfellas on the overhead TV.
    The omens come and signs are sinister.... more »

  • Cash For Gold

    Before you dashed with me through
    Fish-scale pours of tropical storm
    In the falling-down city I felt
    Too long like a king of an unsettled... more »

  • Church Street

    My friends quietly dropped out of high school.
    It seemed each week we had parties for some guy
    Going into jail or getting released.
    It’s not that anyone thought this was cool,... more »

  • Circe

    Awaken a daughter trapped dreaming of light,... more »