• Circle Of The Tyrants

    Unscrew the metal pegs that spur the stock.
    The strings go slack and spool from courses,
    Unwind and curl useless as railway track
    Pulled up by an army. Embrace the neck... more »

  • City-Scape Gentlemen's Club, Queens

    For BK

    Keys splash in the toilet bowl and clank
    Dully on the brown-smudged porcelain throat,... more »

  • Coil

    Is it still alive? Or is it a frame
    Bared of its bright canvas, a skeleton
    Whose fats, organs, and skin have been boiled off?
    A mess of blood and nerve is not the same... more »

  • Consolations Of Autumn

    Some are happiest when autumn comes,
    Long for turning leaves, aficionados of first frost,
    Put out gourds, ornamental sheaves of wheat.
    They dress front porches as forsaken tombs,... more »

  • Corned Beef Hash And Two Eggs Over Easy, Coffee

    I’m battered all to hell. You should see me.
    I’m in the corner of a bright diner,
    The very one from Suzanne Vega’s song.
    Every time I limp to the john to pee... more »

  • Coronation Of Sesostris

    Shrine of lunar hulls
    Swayed to mist in river’s hold
    Or solar reservoir dried
    To yolk and pollen,... more »

  • Cover To Cover

    Every passion borders on the chaotic, but the collector's passion borders on the chaos of memories. - Walter Benjamin

    I don't collect them. They just accumulate,... more »

  • Cryptid

    The water gives nothing back. A child squeals
    "Where's the monster? " She's jubilant
    But braced impatiently for disappointment.... more »

  • Day In The Park

    The helpers sweep remains of past events,
    Banks of crushed paper cups, banana peels,
    Broken tape. Bored, they go about their chore,
    And make the park the way it was before... more »

  • Dear Plato

    When it comes to love and peace, that’s it,
    We will never really learn to grow up.
    Tantrums scorch; jealous, hurtful flares bear light
    In the darkness we fashion from splendid... more »

  • Demography

    Here in the state park, we hear talk of Wal-Mart's
    Amazing deals, about how well Google Maps
    Displays the camping grounds. When we retire,
    At sundown, firecrackers and shouts go till all hours... more »

  • Dinner Flushed Down The Toilet

    All my friends had gone from downtown.
    The trash workers union at last had struck,
    And August reeked in the streets and alleys.
    Too poor for Fire Island or the Sound,... more »

  • Disasters Of War

    It is September, and I lunch in rain.
    I do not like your city. I do not

    Welcome the filling sky as I once could.... more »

  • Dishwasher

    He washes dishes in the dawn,
    Though really, still, it's dark.
    The light has yet to slice through drawn
    Draperies on a shark-... more »

  • Dog Days (Caniculares Dies)

    Cerbero, il gran vermo

    Sluggish flash at the tail end of August—
    The humid air swaddles soft shocks,... more »

  • Domestic Situation

    Maybe you've heard about this. Maybe not.
    A man came home and chucked his girlfriend's cat
    In the wood chipper. This really happened.
    Dinner wasn't ready on time. A lot... more »

  • Dominion Of The Parthians

    University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

    The iridescent maps along the walls
    Reveal lost empires that spread like species... more »

  • Dredge

    Is this the end of fulcrum, wheel, and pulley?
    Gains or loss issue from plan and man-hour,
    Herds bred, coasts moved, pure momentum and mass.
    Calls cough through. Gas pumps plentifully.... more »

  • Drift

    The sky is warm and heavy before rain.
    You throw down anchors. They till lines in soft
    Clay, blooming muddy clouds. You sometimes slow,
    Sometimes speed, as you pass forest and plain.... more »

  • Drop Out

    By the time you learned it was Lyme disease
    It was "advanced." The sports clinic sent you
    Home with aspirin for an entire year.
    With tuition due and an expired lease,... more »

  • Dusk In A Crowded Train Compartment, Regretting My Life

    I stayed up two days straight with some old friends
    In New York, and was charred, gut sick, still wired,
    Stuck on the Northeast Corridor Express,
    Suffering quietly as night descended.... more »

  • Dusk In The Ruins

    Necropolis, Vulci

    I arrive, one more uninvited guest.
    A June storm coasts down the horizon... more »

  • Easter

    The smoky dawn lights miles of Jersey sludge.
    The route I take toward the ancient church
    Is forsaken, more so than I remembered—
    Lots for sale, blocks to let, and what won't budge:... more »

  • Ecstasy Of St. Teresa

    I listened to Bach for eight hours
    After she left into the snow,

    Disappointed with my library... more »

  • Elegy

    To pass the time we played backgammon with
    Husks of carved whalebone on a smooth steel board.
    I always seemed to win, though I knew you
    Cheated. We had spent the past weeks in a warehouse... more »