Ernest Raynaud, born in Paris ( 10th arrondissement ) the 22 February 1864 and the death 10 October 1936 Is a writer and poet French . He was also commissioner of police .

Ardennes by his mother, he spent his childhood in Conde-les-Vouziers , Coulommes , St. Vaubourg and Attigny . Also, Paul Verlaine could write him

We're both halves of the Ardennes,
Me darker than you, I would say more wild?
Proceeding Forest, when this Vallage
Soft and Frisque that as well as you I know.

It was one of the outstanding poets of the group of the Roman school , founded by Jean Moréas in 1891, which also counted among its members Charles Maurras , Maurice Plessys , Raymond La Tailhede , Frédéric Amouretti and Lionel des Rieux . He contributed to many journals, including the critical review of ideas and books .


Ernest Raynaud Poems

Poets Forgotten

POETS forgotten! Unknown poets! Ye
Beyond the reach of glory! Still I must
Go seeking you along the desolate quay,
And on old bookshelves mouldering in dust.... more »


O THING of Spain in Flanders left behind,
O idle Delta severed from the sea,
Still worshipping a mystic Calvary,
Singing the self-same tune time out of mind!... more »

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