• 9/11 And Questions

    What is 9/11?
    Is it a date or a year?
    What happend on that
    date or year?... more »

  • A Barren Time

    To cultivate a barren time
    To create a rose garden
    You entered into an unknown time
    We walk together... more »

  • A Beauty Spot

    There is a beauty spot
    Between the thighs of the eternal queen
    created by the God.
    For million years... more »

  • A Crazy And Insane Poet

    When I am crazy and insane
    as said by the critics
    how can I be a poet.
    I do not know... more »

  • A Dreamy Poet

    Dream takes my poet friend Greenwolfe
    To be in heaven and in hell
    Dream helps my friend to be
    full of greed and lust.... more »

  • A Form For Me

    A time for both of us
    Only to think
    When there was no time
    We do not have any form... more »

  • A God Like Me

    If you are you really
    a God
    Mercy me.... more »

  • A Hell For Me

    I live in happiness
    A life full of joy
    In a cage of nothingness
    With a history of thousand years.... more »

  • A Joint Venture

    An evening
    at her flat
    She proposed for
    a joint venture... more »

  • A Letter To God

    Why should I fear you dear
    My beloved
    Why do you say
    You will send me to hell... more »

  • A Letter To My Darling

    I know darling
    You will be surprised
    to see me
    My face is full of beard... more »

  • A Moment With A Night

    The night turns a being
    without forms and image
    And says, lets go for a sip
    with this thirsty eyes.... more »

  • A New Heaven

    I see a heaven
    Under the feet of a prostitue
    I placed me under her feet
    She is my queen... more »

  • A Place Like A Woman

    The place you live in
    is not yours
    or you do not belong to the place.
    Its like a sweet woman... more »

  • A Poet Can

    A poet can make
    a stone weeping
    But I can not
    I see a stone... more »

  • A Poet From A Timid Nation

    I am from a very inferior and insignificant
    family background
    My race and my family never conquered
    any land or country... more »

  • A Poet Rising From Gaza

    I am a poet from a planet
    rising from the soil of Gaza
    Do you hear the screaming
    of my poems... more »

  • A Time Beyond Time

    Stars are falling from the sky
    Moon is flowing like a summer river
    Sun is trembling.
    I wait for sun and moon... more »

  • A Time In The Eternity

    In the name of time
    And eternity I swear
    I was not there
    I had no form, no image... more »

  • A Wartime Coffin

    I am a deadman
    There is none to carry my coffin
    The street is barren, remote sound of boots
    Barking of dogs are floatinf on the smoky air.... more »

  • A White Dream

    White above white
    White within white
    White below white.
    The planet disappears... more »

  • A Word For Me

    My soul is bleeding
    for a word
    My soul is weeping
    for a word... more »

  • Adam To Eve

    From Adam to Eve
    From one man to one woman
    From one woman to one man.... more »

  • Address

    I have also gone along the way
    All others have gone
    Travelling a long way
    Its now journey's end... more »

  • Age And Youth

    Youth and age
    Can not go together
    They stay together
    But walks alone.... more »