• Bring Our Love Together

    Memories floating past
    dreamlike quality
    of precious seconds
    each one counting more... more »

  • Can I Compete?

    There are times when I am sad
    That you discuss the woman in our life

    I know... more »

  • Comfort Me

    I love being near you
    to sometimes just talk
    and sometimes not talk... more »

  • Complete

    After all these years
    I have found
    What I've been looking for
    Myself... more »

  • Fly My Angel

    Our angels know
    How much I love you
    Need you
    Want to be with you... more »

  • Just A Man

    Dear Heart
    should you
    beat so wildly
    like the wings of a captive butterfly?... more »

  • Our House

    Our House,
    yes, I sometimes live in it
    every brick lovingly placed
    interlaced with harmony... more »

  • Quiet


    Be quiet with me
    let your mind... more »

  • The Journey

    I went on a journey
    across the desert
    for the rainbow
    passes there... more »