I love writing sometimes its a way to my escape. My writings vary into different categories from depression to love I write about everything. Poetry has saved me from totally losing it completely. All my poetry isn't good but if you like it thanks a lot. I hope that my poetry can inspire someone or maybe its something that someone is going through but I hope you can relate! THANKS BUNCHES!



A Girl Like Me

I wonder why I can't die
Cause I'm filled with pain
Broken all over the place... more »


I thought I could stay away
But I just couldn't bare it anymore
It was calling my name so I had to
I know I gave in... more »

All I Needed Was A Friend

Invisible is what I am
To everyone that surrounds me
I am alone and hurting
There's pain that won't die... more »


Comments about ESPN CHICK

Eyan Desir 19 Nov 2009 09:20
Wow that's a lot of Inspiration To write so many poems Maybe I should watch espn Like you...Good job...
Gregory Collins 22 May 2008 10:25
hell, try to write 1,000,000 poems before twenty, make them dig up john keats and gregory corsu to bury you, i like the attempt, almost being way to crazy at the top of the cliff, the fact that someone needs to act the stars