• Questions

    Why can't we share?
    Why don't we care?
    Why do they die?
    Why do they lie?... more »

  • Refuge

    Brother darkness, brother darkness
    Draw a veil across my mind
    Give me respite from my thoughts
    So that solace I might find... more »

  • Risk Assessment

    Years of practise striving for perfection
    Variables include choice of confection
    Temperature and duration calculation
    Immerse with trepidation... more »

  • Season 3

    My view has changed
    It's rearranged
    The trees appear deranged
    It's autumn... more »

  • Sit.Rep.

    I saw him again today.
    He's looking older.
    He had a distant look in his eyes
    That made me want to be where he wants to go.... more »

  • Solitude

    To cast aside one's earthly care
    To live as one, no brunt to bear
    To release those self made bonds
    To activate those magic wands... more »

  • Solo

    With respect to Loudon Wainwright III

    I'm a solo bloke... more »

  • Suburban Desolation

    Begin the morning exodus
    Most in a car, some on a bus
    Until the bread winners come back
    They leave there a dead cul-de-sac... more »

  • Sunset

    What price a sunset viewed from one's bed
    What price that scene with forlorn gulls overhead
    The metronomic ebb and flow
    The backing track to nature's show... more »

  • Tangent

    To the urbane urbanic
    With your social dynamic
    Who may consider soporific
    A vision bucolic.... more »

  • Tarachnophobia

    There was a sweet girl by the name of McHale
    On seeing a spider her heart would just fail
    While on her knees sweeping a lowly, dark rail
    A biggun appeared with the width of a sail... more »

  • That Flammable Emotion

    Oh, how you will dance for me
    Crafted by my hand
    The time I've spent creating you
    You owe me a performance... more »

  • The Beauty Of Doing Nothing, Then Resting

    A culinary duet sets the scene.
    The fatigue of the day
    Is allowed to take it's own course.
    Arranged upon the sumptuous hide -... more »

  • The Fall And Rise Of Trousers

    Anti-gravitational trousers
    seem to be an affliction
    of the younger generation
    in this nation... more »

  • The Inadvertent Impressions Of Mr. David Harris Esq.

    It's fine to look like Walter Matthau
    As the years advance.
    My mate once had a dog
    That looked like Jack Palance!... more »

  • The Kingdom, The Power And The Glory

    When you look at your life
    With your trophy wife
    Do you feel fulfilled?
    In your comfort zone... more »

  • The Places Camels Get To!

    'What the man wants, he gets'
    Your parting words that left me spellbound
    And smiling.
    Shrinking ever further into the crowd... more »

  • This Always Works

    The night would be cold
    As I had been told
    By the bloke upon the telly
    That day I'd been sold... more »

  • This Hair Shirt Doesn'T Fit

    I've been on the wagon
    I did it for a bet
    Ale by the flagon
    Foregone without regret... more »

  • To Infinity And Beyond

    Once again I pondered the snowflake.
    Each unique in it's beauty,
    Infinite in it's variety.
    Or is it?... more »

  • Traeth Coch

    As timeless tide predictably scours... more »

  • Unknown Depths

    Expectation masked by denial
    Blissful ignorance encouraged by the bottle
    Reality is to blame... more »

  • Untitled

    To love, and love without condition
    To feel so deeply the very heart burns
    To see that love not come to fruition
    Yet that same heart continually yearns... more »

  • Urban Griller

    Glimpsed through a smoky haze
    Behind jars of pickle and mayonnaise
    Lurks the urban griller
    The groomed garden Godzilla... more »

  • Virago

    No longer the fall guy you used to require
    All those old photos burn well on my fire
    The carcass of love on a funeral pyre
    Thank God your apprentice I failed to sire... more »