• End

    If my time end, I couldn't say I'll stay...
    I don't know when or how I'll be gone...
    Too many questions
    to ask...... more »

  • In So Many Years

    In so many years I thought no one
    but a friend who can accept
    me as who I am.... more »

  • Pissed And Sad

    I just wrote a bunch of words
    And what this site ruin it.
    Im not bitter im just sad
    I made a poem and i click submit and to my dismay... more »

  • Risk

    If the time is mine,
    I'll stop it just to see you.
    If the world is mine,
    I'll be with you everyday.... more »

  • Sometimes

    Sometimes I wanted to say what I feel for you,
    but I'm afraid of losing you...

    Sometimes I wanted to show my love for you... more »