• Change

    This seat on which she’s settled is no stranger,
    This road down which she travels knows her name.
    These places that she visits knows she’s coming,
    And every day, her life is just the same.... more »

  • Dreams

    Asleep, she was a bird, black wings, bright eyes,
    She soared over clumsy buildings
    And looked with pity at you.... more »

  • End

    They were looking left,
    She was screaming at the right,
    They were up above,
    Deafened by the height.... more »

  • Faces

    Your angry face when you’re shouting loudly,
    Your tired face when you’re closed and drained.
    Your stubborn face when you’re pouting proudly,
    Your hurt face when you’re looking pained.... more »

  • Home

    Slowly down the stairs
    Walking, see miles before me.
    Examining faces,
    Searching for places to hide.... more »

  • I Do

    The Day she said “I Do” was the proudest of her life.
    Her darling, darling husband took her for his wife.
    She thought her life would turn around
    She thought that she would tread new ground... more »

  • Mask

    We both smile and laugh. We talk
    Still I am not like you.
    Standing alone in a crowd,
    Empty and afraid.... more »

  • Not I

    I look around the desolate waste,
    Remember how sweet the air was. Once.
    I remember roses and lilac no more.
    I cry.... more »

  • Oh Pet!

    Don’t chew the wallpaper
    Don’t munch my clothes
    Get off her lap
    And stop biting his nose.... more »

  • Perfect Gentleman

    Softly spoken, gentle, kind
    Appealing to the dumb and blind.
    Sweet as sugar to you unless
    You wear size 14 or plus dress.... more »

  • Red Sky At Night

    As you look around the desolate waste,
    You don’t remember how sweet the air was. Once.
    You can’t remember roses and lilac any more.
    Why don’t you cry out, no one will hear you?... more »

  • Scream

    Scream in the morning when she opens her eyes
    Scream in the evening as the last light dies
    Scream in the night while the demons attack
    Scream in the day. They are back.... more »

  • Since When?

    Since when is it lucky to die?
    Since now, for who could live like this?
    Filthy diseased animals and man
    Reduced to mediaeval practises.... more »

  • Untitled

    ... more »

  • Whispers

    Whispers in her mind last night
    Taunted her beyond first light.
    Laughter ringing in her ears,
    Shall she give in to her deep fears?... more »

  • Winter's End

    A robin stirred on a deadened tree
    Like a single russet leaf, afraid to fall.
    The north wind rushed to enfold me
    In its ice-cold arms.... more »

  • You!

    A whisper in the night, a pure bright light
    Filled my head, sent my senses reeling,
    Left me weakened, kneeling
    My heart pounding, words resounding... more »