• Crazy

    I don't need them
    because I have you
    They will lie
    but you stay true... more »

  • Eulogy

    I look at the canvas
    It is massive
    It is plain
    I use my brush... more »

  • Freedom

    I don’t care about you
    I don’t care about me
    I’m in pain
    Cant you see... more »

  • Killed Alive

    I hear them talk about my death
    I try to speak, but my words are deaf
    I don't know how long its been
    It seems like just yesterday, I came in... more »

  • Misery

    Who am I?
    What is my name?
    does it matter?
    Or is it the same?... more »

  • The End

    Where do we go when we die
    Will we crawl or will we fly
    Will we glide across the beautiful plain
    Or will we live everyday in agonizing pain... more »

  • The Two

    Im scared, im angry
    Im choking, im strangling
    Im sorry, im not listening
    Im a coward, im a killer... more »