• A Morbid Vision

    I saw a Buddhist monk -
    A tender boy in saffron robes,
    Hung upside down from a long rope;... more »

  • Ambivalence

    I love to hate you.

    I hate to love you.... more »

  • Apathy

    Last week
    I found myself
    Standing on your way
    Under sun and rain.... more »

  • As Your Sub-Human Specimen

    As an early specimen,
    I often confused -
    Others’ ordeals as yours;... more »

  • At My Child's Funeral

    When they laid your corpse
    Upon the wet ground
    And asked me to sprinkle earth upon you
    How strangely confusing it felt,... more »

  • Blossom Showers

    You and I behold
    A white peacock and a peahen
    Infuse in love
    Amidst ethereal rainbow showers.... more »

  • Blue Lotus Petals

    Beside the steaming hot spring,
    Down the icy river’s gushing flow,
    I strew blue lotus petals
    Inscribed in blood and tears.... more »

  • Buoyancy

    I float upon this galaxy
    Like a single lotus leaf
    Suspended upon
    Ripples of despondency,... more »

  • Canine Therapy

    They don’t care whether you are pretty or ugly,
    They don’t care whether you are rich or poor.

    They have very trifling demands.... more »

  • Complete Surrender

    You showered upon my palms
    Like endless drops of rain
    But my palms were much too small to hold you.... more »

  • Confinement

    Confined in the car,
    I sulk, witnessing -
    Love’s torrential downpour,
    Feeling stifled - with glasses up.... more »

  • Contrast

    My love rests quiescent
    In your private reveries;
    Frescoed into your verses
    Transcribing forlorn memories.... more »

  • Distillation

    Love drops into our heart
    Like a Disprin in a glass of water.

    And disperses... more »

  • Embrace

    No matter how you try to amuse,
    A weeping babe calms down
    Only upon its mother’s bosom.... more »

  • Epiphany

    When I started uttering things -
    I myself did not understand,
    Nor could fathom the source of their genesis,
    All I could realize was that -... more »

  • Equilibrium

    You who created the spring
    Created winter too.

    You who created the rainforests... more »

  • Eustress

    With a smile I embrace
    Every single stress
    You’ve caused me
    My love.... more »

  • Eyes

    You can see the horizon partly with a single eye.

    You can see the horizon completely with both eyes.... more »

  • Feeling Disabled

    As I struggled through my emptiness,
    I consoled my child:
    “We have no daddy, baby,
    We have only mummy;... more »

  • Flash-Bulb Memories

    Every morning
    My mind welcomes your face
    Dawning upon my consciousness,
    As in the land of the rising sun.... more »

  • Floating Fire

    Can fire float on water?

    Yes, of course it can.... more »

  • For A Dropp Of Water

    I – a solitary traveller
    Wander upon this earth
    Thirsting for a dropp of water.... more »

  • From The Form To The Formless

    My cosmic journey commenced
    With a vehement restlessness,
    Such as an astronaut experiences
    In a spacecraft after ignition,... more »

  • Gravity

    No matter where I wander
    Upon the crust of this earth,
    The mantle of vibes
    Shall cord me to you;... more »

  • How Do You Know Whom You Love The Most?

    Close your eyes;
    Recollect all the tears
    You have been holding back for years.... more »