• A Broken Heart Changes Everything

    I watch myself crumble
    I run but I stumble,
    I fall on the ground and I see blood,
    I cant run away, I'm caught in the flood.... more »

  • After The Break-Up

    I thought I saw you stare
    But now I know it's me
    Somehow I thought you'd care
    That you would always be...... more »

  • All The Time You Need

    I love you
    I know you love me too
    You never said the words
    I just know you do.... more »

  • Amnesia

    More than fights I hate the silence
    It's getting so damn loud.
    I cant hear and I cant breathe whenever you're around... more »

  • Armageddon

    The hot sun burned everyone into charcoal.
    Everyone was looking for shade they can't find.
    Women cared not for their babies
    For they were running,... more »

  • Curse


    Being with you is like being in hell
    You strip me of my mind... more »

  • Dear: Daddy,

    Sometimes I think I'll never get away from you...
    Sometimes I think I'll never get to do the things I want to do.
    Sometimes I cry... and I die a little inside.
    I dont want to waste my whole life...... more »

  • Denial

    Why deny the feeling?
    Why deny the pain?
    Why deny the sickness,
    Locked up in your brain?... more »

  • Emo

    This is a movie scene,
    A scene of my dead life,
    Where the victim is me,
    Being chased by the knife.... more »

  • Eraser

    I want the memory erased
    Of all that we used to be
    I dont ever want to remember
    That saddend side of me.... more »

  • Fade Away

    Grandma... R.I.P

    In tears, I saw you sink...
    I watched you fade away.... more »

  • Feel

    I close my ears to the sound of prejudice.
    No one understands me but I feel it.
    I need to slip away
    Deep into the river of time...... more »

  • Forever Smiling

    The snow was kissing the ground, as your spirit roze up high.
    Nothing else could have brightened that dark icy sky.
    If you only knew the lives you've touched and those of us who cried.
    Be proud, for a loving memory is what you left behind.... more »

  • Forlorn

    This poem has a sequel entitled, 'The Garden'

    I walked along the garden's path... more »

  • Fragile

    Everyday of her life
    She walks around
    Walking through the halls
    Staring at the ground...... more »

  • Happy Anniversary!

    Forget the words…forget the rhyme…
    I will always love you…’til the end of time.
    As large as the earth…as wide as the skies
    And what’s in between…’til the end of time.... more »

  • Have You Ever Felt Your Heart Breaking?

    Have you ever felt like
    All you had was gone?
    That your heart was broken,
    And you couldn't go on?... more »

  • Have You Ever?

    Have you ever felt so down,
    That you thought for sure you’ll die?
    Did you ever laugh so hard
    And suddenly began to cry?... more »

  • Heart Made Of Stone

    I wish my heart was made of stone
    I wish I was cold
    So I wouldn't have to feel alone.
    You keep destroying me inside... more »

  • I Cry

    I cry while I'm asleep,
    I cry while I'm awake,
    I really can't help it, it's not even fake.... more »

  • I Cry Myself To Sleep

    I've been crying myself to sleep every night.
    But it isn't because you and I are having some fight.... more »

  • I Hate To Say

    I hate to say I miss you
    Because that means you're gone.

    I hate to say I'm sorry... more »

  • I Lied

    I'm sorry
    It had to be me it had to be you
    I'm sorry
    It's something I swore I'd never do... more »

  • I Love You

    I want you to hug me
    And never let go
    I love you so much
    More than you could ever know... more »

  • I Wish I Was Yours

    Lost with the music
    Cuz I cant find a cure
    Love, lies, and jealousy
    Were never in my world... more »