• I'Ll Love You Always

    Although the sun sets everyday
    I think of you always
    And with each ray that disappears
    I thank God for you being here... more »

  • I'Ll Never Be The Same Again

    I wore your words around my neck,
    But today they don't feel the same.
    You broke my heart tonight,
    You were so lame.... more »

  • I'Ll Never Get Over You

    I love you, and I mean it for real
    Being with you is so surreal
    We are perfect and it's plain to see
    We are meant to be... more »

  • Inevitable

    Even though the room was silent
    No one could hear him scream
    Or no one seemed to care... more »

  • Lies

    Of course I love you,
    Yes, I care,
    You say you do,
    But you werent there,... more »

  • Like This

    I cant believe you've got me so low
    You cant even see why Im hurt
    Im trying really hard to grow
    But you dont seem to revurt... more »

  • Midnight Rape

    I dedicate this poem to the victims of sexual abuse.... more »

  • Missing You

    I'm wandering into nothingness thinking of you
    Trying to convince myself that I'm not missing you
    I'm trying to forget the things you've said
    But your words still haunt my head... more »

  • My Chocolate Milk

    'Chocolate Milk' is a nickname

    I love when you call me hun... more »

  • My Depression

    I hate escaping and those who do
    Why should I be the one to escape
    Why not you?... more »

  • My Friend

    You have always been with me
    You always were a reality... more »

  • My Heart Belongs To You

    I understand the feelings so well
    As I have felt them before
    And now reminiscing
    Has left me in pain once more... more »

  • My Illusion

    I don't know…Is there really something for me out there?
    I lose my self in thoughts and dreams that seem endless
    There is no one around me to stop the dream
    No one around to hear my scream... more »

  • My Love

    I want to be the one you need
    I need to be the one you see
    I have to justify the faith you have in me
    You're the beauty in my life... more »

  • My Only One

    You are the one I look forward to everyday
    The one who helps light the way
    The best memories of my life are of you
    The one who helped me start a new... more »

  • My Sin

    In all of the people I see, I find your face
    Images of you, all over the place
    My mind keeps remembering you all of the time
    So I tried to block my mind, but it won't give in... more »

  • Neglect

    The people here are cruel,
    Their words are cold and bitter.
    They speak as though she's nothing,
    Just turn their heads and whisper.... more »

  • No More Crying

    You tell me not to cry
    But I miss you all the time
    I can hardly sleep
    Cuz you’re on my mind... more »

  • Not Alone

    You're not alone
    Especially if you think you are,
    I've been there for you
    All you had to do was see.... more »

  • Not Like I Want

    Don't trust me
    I'm bound to break your heart.
    Don't trust me
    I will tear your soul apart.... more »

  • Obvious

    Can you hear it in my voice?
    I never had the choice
    It is so obvious but you don't even know...
    I thought I made it clear... more »

  • Paradise Lost (The 21st Century)

    I am a young girl
    Only twenty years old
    But I'm dreading the future
    When I grow old... more »

  • Pockets Of A Child

    Come, take a look, take my soft hand,
    Are you ready for what you'll see?
    Don't worry, they're only truths,
    I'll show you the life of little me.... more »

  • Senile

    She felt alone with no one to warm her
    She desperately needed someone to know her
    She has been alone for such a long time
    Everyone she loves has long ago died... more »

  • Shattered Dreams... Broken Smiles

    Shattered dreams... Broken smiles.
    Tired from walking all these miles.... more »