• The Fire Within Me

    Every day my pain increases
    I ask, my god! Who needs this?

    I sit alone in my room... more »

  • The Garden

    I look at my dreadful garden such sight so solemn...
    Whereon leaves are falling declaring it's Autumn.
    I sit by the fountain, on a wooden chair,
    And feel the breeze while I think of despair.... more »

  • The Letter

    I crawl my way through life
    Towards something better
    I drag my soul with direness
    Remembering the letter.... more »

  • This Problem

    I'm around you everyday.
    And I think of you at night.
    I talk to you consistantly,
    Everytime it feels so right.... more »

  • Though We'Re 7000 Miles Apart

    You make me feel so beautiful
    With your hands resting gently on my waist
    Your sweet and caring kisses
    Oh how I love the sweet taste... more »

  • To Be Continued

    You're not even here
    Yet I think about you all the time
    Slowly creeping in my veins...
    Like a poison... Taking over... more »

  • To Be With You

    My heart feels like it's about to burst
    From wanting you so much.
    I can't explain in words
    How I long to feel your touch.... more »

  • To Believe A Lie

    You listen to peoples stories
    You believe the things they say
    And I'm the one who worries
    Because its me you push away.... more »

  • Together

    Even if I try for days to forget you... Erase you...
    I wouldn't be able to.
    Calmly, like a fool,
    An awkward greeting was all I could do.... more »

  • Trapped In

    My reason lost its sight
    Your deceptions killed the light
    The things you did underground
    Without a word without a sound... more »

  • Unnoticed

    I tried to let you know
    I tried to let you go
    I know my feelings showed
    You just didn't know.... more »

  • Vision

    My every breath is twisted into a desperate cry.
    Once you feel the wind, you would want to fly.
    There are so many things I personally know.
    The fewer seeds I hold, the more I'd try to sow.... more »

  • With Every Thought Of You

    Sometimes when I'm alone
    I'll replay it in my head
    Like a line from a sappy love song
    Or a feeling left unsaid.... more »

  • Without You

    I extend my arms to what I have to feel
    Letting go of what I thought was real
    Feeling aghast and horrified
    Afraid of what I may find... more »

  • You'Re Perfect

    *: •....Because everything you do
    .•: * Makes me smile
    *: •....Because every second I spend with you
    .•: * Is worthwhile... more »