• Ballade 1

    The stag was very proud of his swiftness,
    Of running ten miles in one breath,
    And the wild boar was proud to be fierce,
    And the sheep praised her woolly fleece,... more »

  • Ballade 2

    In Antwerp, Bruges, Ostend and Ghent
    I used to order food with flair,
    But in every inn to which I went
    They always brought me, with my fare,... more »

  • Ballade Adresse A Geoffrey Chaucer

    O Socratès plains de philosophie,
    Seneque en meurs, Auglius en pratique,
    Ovides grans en ta poëtrie,... more »

  • Rondeau

    Fleas, stink, pigs, mold,
    The gist of the Bohemian soul,
    Bread and salted fish and cold.... more »

  • You Who Live

    You who live now in this world
    And which live sovereign in virtue,
    It is to you death remembered?... more »