Evan Skora Biography

I am just a kid...so these are just true poems of my life...well most of them at least. Do I want to be a professional poet? Sure!

I really want to be a writer like books but hey...if writing poetry can help me get there then...wha hu!

Anyway...to describe my writing style. It is all pretty much from the heart and my own experiences...which is something I think alot of people lack when writing. Like, yea you can rhyme and make it sound pretty with big words...but what does it mean? You know, I don't need to hear about your sweaty 'love-making' behind a closed door or something. If its for a person, make it about THEM, not your love life.

Basically don't just write to write, only write when you really feel obligated too. With a good idea you can write it down and that one idea can change the world if you put enough heart and soul into it even if it seems like your voice isn't heard by others. That's not to discourage anyone from writing if you don't think your good or anything. Write whether you can't make one sentence sound up to a third grade level, its all about how you look at it and what you think about it, who cares what other people think of it? If you are proud of it...it shouldn't matter.