my poems arent the greatest but i keep on trying. Shakespeare and Mrs B-R (my languages art teacher) are my inspiration. By writing poems, i express myself. Poetry is my always makes me feel better.


Evita Mater Poems

Hopeless Love

for you to love me is all i ask
is that to difficult of a task?
you dont see these feelings of mine
how can you be so freakin blind,... more »

At First Look

at first look you seemed to be my escape
from lies, pain, hurt, and hate
who could know you cause harm
when you hide your true self with charm... more »

Does Anyone See

would i feel this hate if it was anyone but me?
do i judge to harsly on myself?
are my flaws small, moderate, or large?
do people see my mistakes, my glitches, my imperfections?... more »

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