• Dancing In The Pyre

    The sun scorches everything
    It breathes on, it breathes in,
    Lingering ashes wafting in the air,
    Yet I cannot find my sun-seared heart,... more »

  • For Toledo

    The beauty with the yellow rose...
    She is dead, darling.... more »

  • May

    For Caitlin

    Her instrument was of eluding beauty,
    and she whispered it so... more »

  • Tangents, For Michael

    -an outline of my conversations with Michael

    what a waste of a day,
    and you change my stupid,... more »

  • The Analysis Of Ink In A Glass

    As I had finished writing poetry with a calligraphy pen, I held it haphazardly over a translucent glass. A tiny driblet of ink sinuously slid off the pen tip and into the liquid. I watched the dropp permeate the water with whirling motions until the uppermost portion of the water was occupied with ink. At that time, a thousand tiny droplets depressed towards the bottom of the glass like anguished souls. The color was now a solid, sullen black....... more »

  • The Flower-Of-An-Hour Was Always Cruel

    The flower-of-an-hour was always cruel
    And never shown in your everyday smile,
    When walking about in the snowfall
    You said, “we are for each other, ”... more »

  • The Words Never Uttered On Our Breath

    The words never uttered on our breath
    Created a silence that was deafening to the heart,
    The icy halos, casting crowns at our footsteps
    When all love has been misled,... more »

  • Young Love Is.

    I never knew how something fragile
    And beautiful
    could exhaust itself before me,
    Or how even the immaculate have flaws;... more »