• Alone

    Here I stand alone
    Showing the world
    That I am not a stone
    I can make something out of myself... more »

  • Fear

    ... more »

  • Here I Lay

    Here I lay alone and afraid of what might come and take me away
    The life I had was all a lie, for now I pay
    The price of coming into the light
    HELP! I scream but all that is heard... more »

  • The Light Shines

    ... more »

  • Things I Have To Tell You

    There are things I have to tell you
    There are things that are on my mind
    There are things I have to tell you
    I just can't seem to find the right time... more »

  • Your Cries

    I heard your cries
    With my tries
    I couldn't come back
    There was crack after crack... more »