• 13,270 Soft

    I am not catching this bus.
    The passengers are too ugly

    All alpha males stand in the street... more »

  • A Prayer

    Spare me from material disgrace.
    Let me live like my mum and dad live.
    A well fed suburban kid.... more »

  • Ancestral Equation

    I knew him like an ultra dilute aquasol.
    I contained one part of his solid particle
    across a generation beyond Avogadro's
    number.An equation involving carbon... more »

  • Apology


    If I had known
    you thought... more »

  • Authority

    ... more »

  • Every So Often

    Every so often,
    for a fraction of
    a second,
    I feel the power... more »

  • Help

    He crawled the mountain
    nose to rock
    and at the pinnacle
    viewed The Gulf of Difference.... more »

  • Heysel

    You could smell the piss stained bodies off the telly.

    Wogan and Brucie sipped lager
    seconds before handing over.... more »

  • Indecent Proposal

    I knew a chap once
    who was offered fifty quid
    and some coke
    to shag a bloke... more »

  • On Kai Me On

    Caught in the crush
    of endless reflections,
    admiral of an armada
    of picaresque notions... more »

  • Our Needy Sister

    She wanted love to be some gloves
    to cover her gnarled, nail bitten fingers
    instead... more »

  • Philippa

    The full force of your passions
    are a powerful pagan goddess.
    White mare of Graves,
    lover of horses.... more »

  • Solar Perplexing

    As the light of the stars
    starts from the time of dinosaurs.
    Our nights must be bathed in
    pre history... more »

  • The Trinket

    A cryptic antiquity snatched from importance
    by the mercenary hands of ignorance,
    you have been stolen from history.
    Hid in vaulted jealousy... more »

  • Untitled

    Contorted to the stillness of an abstract statue
    I spent hours countering the balance between
    beauty and desire.... more »

  • Yes Please

    The virtuoso of the cotton strung piano
    served his cliches from a second hand tongue.

    He lusted for... more »

  • You Have A Beautiful Archetype

    It came to me
    who you were.

    It was revealed... more »