• As I Read Your Texts..

    as i read through your texts i breathe deeply & in that brief moment, i swear i could smell you. your smell surrounds me like the warmth of a shower.
    it come over me & entered my lungs like the cold, crisp air of an early autumn morning, shocking but refreshing.
    it reminded me of your hugs. those short but comforting embraces. the way your arms gently but firmly wrapped around me & i could feel the lightest brush of your chin or cheek rest on the top of my head for just a brief second.
    the way we'd sit opposite each other & your eyes would never leave mine. the way you dove further than my eyes right into the deepest & darkest parts of my mind & soul.... more »

  • Why Do I Do This?

    why do i allow myself to get like this?
    why, after so long of not needing anyone or depending on anyone to i cling to the first person i have a connection with only for it to all go to shit & i'm back at square one but with more trust issues?
    i try & trust people, i try & let them in. then they do something to make me feel like i can't trust anyone ever again.
    why can't i just depend on myself? why can't i just make myself feel better? why do i feel like i need someone to love me? why do i need someones attention to feel like i'm somebody or something?... more »

  • You Are What You Are.

    ... more »