Ezekiel Adokwei Johnson is born in Mamprobi, a suburb of Accra - the capital city of Ghana. He is the author of 50 for 50, an anthology of poems published in commemoration of Ghana's fiftieth anniversary of indipendence. Being a great friend of the performing arts – poetry in particular – from his early years, he has written and performed in many places between Ghana, U.K, and Ireland.
He was captured into this web of poetry under the supervision of great teachers like Mr Odaate Holmes, Mrs Alberta Quarshie and their colleagues. The genius in him started showing forth from those early years when he would represent his school in various poetry competitions.

At a certain point, he was so much in denial of his creative artistry that he refused to be identified as the author of some of his works. He wrote dozens of poems and some stories and read it to friends and colleauges without any reference to the author. It was during this perid of anonimity that people began ascribing some of his work to some all-time great writers like William Wordsworth, W.B Yeats, and William Shakespeare among others.

His interest in the field coupled with the re-assurance that his works were worth reading and enjoyable, has been a source of inspiration that gears him on even through the most difficult of times. His aspiration for recognition in the field of literature, by virtue of his creative writing abilities as well as his performance skills, has gone through various tests. His dream of becoming an author became more like a mirage until he published his first book entitled '50 for 50'. After publishing his first book he said 'This book is the shadow of good things to come'. He is still on the mission of unfolding those 'good things' is still in progress.

He read at the Love Poetry Hate Racism (an international weekend event that celebrates diversity, promotes unity, justice, and love) gigs in Belfast and Londonderry.

He is currently working on a second collection.


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