• At Lost With Words

    Im at lost with my words
    My words hold no cause
    And my words with no meaning
    Puts my world at a Pause... more »

  • Empty Lines

    Pick a book from a self to find it empty inside
    Because the book choose you to fill in its lines
    Fill it with what is up for you to decide
    It can be thoughts from your mind with illustrations from your eyes... more »

  • Inside

    I say I see you through my eyes
    But in my eyes you I do not find
    The thought comes to mind,
    Maybe I can't see you because I am Blind.... more »

  • Judgment

    The kid in the long tee,
    Hoodie and baggy Jean's
    Everybody saw him with a pen in his hand
    And a pad on his lap... more »

  • Pyromaniac

    You can call me a Pyromaniac
    I have flames that fill my Heart
    And my eyes and my hands and my words play a part
    My eyes keep my heart flames going... more »

  • The Wolf And The Moon

    Why is the lone Wolf attracted to the Moon?
    Howling towards it as if it’s singing it a tune
    By day the Wolf is focused with senses that are true
    But at night he can’t move being distracted by his view... more »