• A Walk Hand-In-Hand Elbow On Shoulder

    Let's do the walk
    When the eve is come and the night visits
    When the cool air brushes our faces to pull up a smile
    Makes us perceive the fresh aroma of our colognes when any of us trails a little in front... more »

  • Ajọ Je

    "Touch my heart, let it boil for you,
    Touch my soul, let it melt with your tip,
    So that the molten it makes
    Will fit into the shape of the hollows of your heart... more »

  • Amira

    Amira! You are the light we all see
    The intellect that is our only been-to
    The mouth we have
    And the shoulder we too can lift high amongst our equals... more »

  • At The Moment

    When you hold a person's hand
    Hold him tight so close to you
    Hold him not sparing any of your strength
    That may be your last hold of him... more »

  • Beauty Has A Name

    I saw her
    She's Yoruba
    Her eyes were sparkling white
    Say for the dark brown balls in the middle of 'em both... more »

  • Because You Said Yes

    The gloominess that once was
    Gave in to light that brought smiles
    And the loner feels your presence even in your absence
    And strength birthed by coherence... more »

  • Biology Teacher

    Do you know me?
    I am your great Biology Teacher
    The one who's aspect of specialization is reproduction
    Yea, reproductive system... more »

  • Birthday Celebrant

    As usual, let me be the first to wish you
    As normal, let me be the mouth that praises you
    If only distance and time hadn't drawn the hills between me and you
    Today would have bean feasting with me holding you... more »

  • Blacks Were The Whites

    I don't blame them at all, I don't, no!
    I blame the been-tos and them that live in Obodo Oyibo
    For coming home with their maximized insanity and unexplained innuendo
    Of the people whose mentality is complete opposite of their complexion... more »

  • Bread And Butter

    Never had it ever been heard
    That crab and scorpion lived under one roof
    But you say let's call a spade a spade
    Same flesh we wear, same image so let's dine in one bowl... more »

  • Camouflaged

    See you I saw whom I now no more know
    I am made confused or had my mind been raped?
    Last night I took home a damsel now what do I see?
    A lanky ghost from a hunted graveyard from the... more »

  • Caresses

    I am tired of having the dawn dawning on me alone
    When I'd look out in the morning stroll
    Having the cool breeze of the morning caress my skin
    It feels like it's your soft hands and side by side we walk like it's a beautiful ball... more »

  • Coat Shirt And Tie

    A snore... one more snore... and 4: 30 a.m it is and alarm goes
    Head jacked up, and then lift the unwilling bones
    Those knitted together by your weakened fleshes
    And grudgingly they go kra-ka-ka-ka... more »

  • Corruption In Power

    Like fish in the water we all are
    Shall we deny drinking this sweet water
    When I couldn't lie why then did I entwine myself
    I enunciate in all I say that you misinterpret non... more »

  • Dawning

    It was you I saw
    In my sleep or in my wake or when I handled the saw
    You came to bid me good morning
    A morning had never been this good until this morning... more »

  • Dear Heartbreaker

    You enjoy the title, love to be called an ex
    Not minding if anyone wishes to be your ex
    How many exes would you keep
    One, two, three and more exes and number keeps going up... more »

  • Dear Lofty Amante

    You came at dawn
    At the morning when of that time I was left a forlorn
    Seeing the smelly mouth and irritating pus on the eyes and dried saliva by the chick, a drip of the saliva from the mouth at sleep yet you came on
    And when of your knowledge it seemed I have nothing to eat and even non to share with you as breakfast that celebrates what is born... more »

  • Demon's Fare

    This demon on my mind is she
    That gives me nights without sleep
    And stands all my manhood errect
    Comes to my dreams and taunt me endlessly... more »

  • Diary Of A Local Waitress

    I see him.
    He come that day for the first time
    Since I resume work here.
    I don't know why... more »

  • Do I Need A Wife

    If I needed my cloths and dishes washed
    I'd buy me a washing machine and dishwasher
    I'd treat them like gold and polish them fine
    And give them all the detergents they'd need and provide constant power too... more »

  • Embarrassment

    My lover came to my house, do you know?
    I guess not, I guess you didn't know
    That my lover came to my house
    And what happened was what would make a monkey laugh and human cry... more »

  • Enough

    I cannot be thankful enough
    'Cause I can't be grateful enough
    For numbers are not enough
    To count all you've done for me... more »

  • Ezigbo Enyi M

    Enyi m, ezigbo enyi m
    I budi nwanne m ka I bu nwanna m
    Enyi m onye kwo m n'azu ukwu m na-eru ala
    Kee nke i meere m I no na-akoghari... more »

  • Facebook Lover

    I got from facebook a beautiful flower
    Now I'm entangled by her twine held bound by her splendor

    Her pines and thorns like a gate keeper... more »

  • Family Tree

    Then it began from dateless times
    And generation begat generations
    Oh now my mind dribbles back the lane of past times
    When we ran about naked or with torn panties... more »