• For The Tears You Make Dry

    You're the sun and others around you are like stars
    You are the apple and the best everyday remedies
    You are a beau, one that's indisputable
    You are a darling and ever supportive pillar... more »

  • Forgiven

    Nothing makes the heart bleed than the pains from hurts from her loved ones
    Yesterday burst the tears forth and once
    She tasted the bitterness that she thought was for others
    The stabbing went too deep... more »

  • Fortunate Without

    If all I'd have were parents that others had
    That have them a foundation upon which they stand
    And gave them the counsel that is the compass they needed
    And stood beside them when they needed to be held... more »

  • Freedom Fare

    It was dark and gloomy and hopeless
    The nights came with scardyness
    Ah! Ooh! Where do we go from here?
    I look to see me in the middle of nowhere... more »

  • Friendly Friend

    Friendly Friend

    Prayer in my heart and the smile on my face you should be
    And far more than the sun smiles down at me... more »

  • Game

    If I knew love was a game people played
    I would have rehearsed well enough in my mother's womb
    For I would score too high should I be among all who played
    Such a game with boundless rules enjoyed when played... more »

  • Go Tell Nepa

    Go tell them that ought to have given you light
    That no matter how much a time they change their names
    They remain to us a symbol of deep acrid darkness
    Wolves in sheep clothing will always be wolves... more »

  • Go Tell Your Brothers

    If you are on Facebook,
    It means you are learned or at least, you can read and reason what you've read.
    They are not here because they aren't learned and can't read so go tell them... more »

  • Gone Too Soon

    You came at dawn
    With the zeal and energy of a young day
    Promising and hoping all impossibilities to win
    The world seemed a cascade of labyrinth decoy... more »

  • Good Morning Lovely

    Like the pleasant breeze on a hot afternoon,
    Like oasis on a dry plateau
    You're my nerve's calmer, my thirst quencher... more »

  • Guilty By Society

    I'm a criminal and you are too
    Our offence is we are in love
    How can a teen and a ty love each other
    The society would call it abomination... more »

  • Howbeit You I Make My Wish

    How will everyone say a birthday wish without me
    How could the rain fall from all but from me
    Has my mouth been tied with a beam
    Hadn't it been along a stream... more »

  • I Am

    I am
    That picture that's hardly liked
    Because I'm always hidden amongst others and go almost unnoticed
    I am the post, that post you hardly see... more »

  • I Am Danfo The Indispensable Son Of Molue (Lagos Id)

    I am danfo
    The one that has a body bartered from the kondo
    Of the flat-bottomed police officer
    And his broken heels counterparts agbero... more »

  • I Am Your Teacher

    I am your teacher, do you know
    That the thought I think toward you is thought of good and not of evil low
    To guide you to an expected end
    Where your desires achieved will always stand... more »

  • I Call It Swagging

    I leave my bears and they stand straight tall like the emblems of the he-goat
    With my half chopped hair made under the watch of my parents
    And I call it swagging... more »

  • I Need A Company


    Wait o. That I am rich
    That I am a poet... more »

  • I Was Deceived

    Bimbo, was it you or me who deceived me
    You looked stunning and attracting and free
    You were young and tender and pretty
    But with straight and stern face... more »

  • I'd Love You Again

    You came knocking
    Like the rain that showered waters after harmattan dusty dried period on a scaly desert
    Yes you came looking
    Like the great farmer looking for the most fertile spot on fallowed land... more »

  • If I Had Loved With My Heart Along

    If I had loved with my heart along
    I would have long been a victim of never mending heart
    If I had followed the trails you left too
    The sockets of my eyes would have lost its oceans of... more »

  • If Love Cares Else Good Night Everyone

    Good night everyone
    If love cares let it find me
    For on my personal pursuit
    I'm yet to hit the spot... more »

  • If Love Starves

    Why do I have to beg a fellow for forgiveness
    Like I'm begging for life
    Why do I have to beg to be held in love
    Like I hadn't come from a womb... more »

  • Impossible Is Impossible

    Haven't you seen
    That impossible is never impossible
    The earth tells it own tales
    Of the mountains that once were and never are... more »

  • Impossibles Were Lies

    Yes, they were, were truly were
    When I meant that the sky and the firmament were inseparable
    That the sun fed the moon without which darkness would hold the night with stenchy blackness
    That water in a nostril couldn't run without the nose... more »

  • In The Birth Of A Gold

    From the numerous cells that flew along the fluid
    Amidst the struggles and the battles
    To the achievement of wall cracking
    And the troubles and dangers that came... more »