• In The Birth Of Favour

    A well dug for many years from a day somewhat like this years ago
    An inspring from a deep source
    And the glittering of the stars lights never fade... more »

  • Indispensable

    How caring you are and how faithful and loyal
    Oh, I forgot, and how hardworking and primal
    The best staff of the year and award topples awards
    More time for the job and less time to yourself and less life... more »

  • Journeys In The Heart

    Things that pass through the heart
    Are cheetah that runs immeasurable speed
    Fast past the lanes of lonesome walls
    The blood painted streets... more »

  • Langa Langa

    There is a girl that I now know
    She has a nose like an arrow and hairs that stand straight
    She looks at me with those eyes that are like pen balls
    And glitter like torch that shines... more »

  • Late Night Call

    Hello? Oh? It's you that answered!
    But it's not she I want to call that answered
    It's you, but no, it's her of my heart is in need... more »

  • Legacy

    I got here
    Here where I once lived
    And yesterday is not here
    It went... more »

  • Let My Village People Watch Over You

    This morning I woke up with a thought of you at heart
    I thought how far we've come and how well we've fought
    We've won all
    All the warlords and knights sent to us by economies, turbulence and weather... more »

  • Let's Do The Laughter Together

    let's do the laughter together
    Holding hands and binding strong our unity
    When the heavens break loose and all eyes watch to see us shatter
    And the remains of our once upon a time hope... more »

  • Lonesome

    My heart a bowl of many flowers ripe and odorant
    Needing a vine to mata its nectar, loneliness so rampant
    And now the eyes search in fetch of a damsel
    Who alone shall keep the heart alive and to marvel... more »

  • Love Is Everything

    Love is everything:
    Love whispers the truth to us, just that sometimes, we care not to know, or we refuse to see from it's perspective {which is often true} and so we fool ourselves with the coinage; "Love is blind". Unless of course, we chose to play along just to clear every doubt and every fault from our part.

    Love is everything:... more »

  • Love Lost

    Don't love me
    If it is falling or stayed
    Just don't love me
    For I am he with a heart like stone understand... more »

  • Making Of The Maker

    And at the dawning of the new day the sun sets
    And high hopes kiss his sprouting as the clock ticks
    With milk and meat and then bones
    His weaning days birth high expectation of his winning days... more »

  • Mama, School Has Rejected Me

    Mama, school says to me
    I do not want an oval face with curvy eyes, slim brows, and straight eyelashes
    With dimples, pink lips and diastema
    No, I should go away she says to me... more »

  • Marriage Of My Dreams

    I dream of a marriage where my wife is me, is my friend and my partner, more like she is my skin

    I dream of a marriage where the meeting that my wife is present is no longer in need of my presence because they'll get the same effect... more »

  • Mate

    I have a girlfriend
    She's so faithful and so steady and soft-hearteda friend
    Oh one that can never be a fiend... more »

  • Mother

    Last night, I stole your sleep like we'd always share your meal
    You felt like jumping off your body but you want me still
    The heat scolded you in silent whispers to get those cloths off
    Here or there or that or those places, phiam! You wondered off... more »

  • Mother Knows That

    If Biafra goes
    How would the middle belt region stand
    What mouth would they use to say Ai or Nay
    And their blood bank would it still have some fluids left... more »

  • My Ego My Pride

    I am a man and that's all that matters
    I farm under the heat of the sun and weed under the rain
    The pokes from the pines, the bruises from the shrubs and the blisters from handling the tools... more »

  • My Examination Anthople

    Look you here o thou seemingly mighty
    The one that exults himself mightier than all, even me
    I fear thee no more I stutter and coward no more before thee
    No matter what aura you carry, no matter your influence and esteemed ability... more »

  • My Indispensable Love

    Come my baby lover
    Yes come to onku
    My love is gone far and won't be back so far
    Let us seize the time to touch the skies of udgambu... more »

  • My Lover Is Coming To My House

    Yes! My lover is coming to my house
    I am cleaning my room and dusting my bed
    Uncockroach the cupboards and let out the rats
    Spray the room and let airfreshner condition its scent... more »

  • My Turn Like Your Turn

    I have reached it at last
    There where my eyes had longed for for ages past
    Where my prayers had pointed and heart mounted
    This height the great sky where great eagles' soars are unlimited... more »

  • Oh, Girl, Don't Do A Broke Guy

    If he doesn't have the money
    Dump him and opt for a better he
    You were not born to suffer
    Girl no go die on top this matter... more »

  • Ọlaedo M, My Golden Jewel

    Ọlaedo m,
    Ma n'anwụ, ma n'ozizo, ma ọbụ n'ụgụrụ nke ụwa,
    Otuọbụla o siri dị,
    Olaedo m, i bụ obi aṅụrị m... more »

  • One More Lap

    Before throwing in the towel and calling it quit
    Have you given it a second thought, have you?
    Have you searched the reasons you want to let go
    And they are not birthed by temporary illusion and fear, have you?... more »