A Nigerian, from Imo State, born in Benin in 1985, grew up in Abuja and based in Lagos, I contracted writing and now I live in it. My life rotates around art and literature as I teach language and art, I write, act, compose and sing as well. I am naturally shy but presentably bold and I live the day as it comes and as if each day is the last. I am who you know from my works.


Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu Poems

Remember Who I Should Be

I am the womb that gave you life
The shield from harshness from uncanny uncertain destination
And you had to breathe by my breath
And bone up by my bones... more »

Gone Too Soon

You came at dawn
With the zeal and energy of a young day
Promising and hoping all impossibilities to win
The world seemed a cascade of labyrinth decoy... more »

You're My Lullaby

You are the song that I sing
Then when my heart get excited at mere promises
When all roads lead to the distance ever longed for
When the sun walks away... more »

Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu Quotes

We don't need to go back to the past to learn from it. We carried the knowledge along when we left the past
To people who still hold on to the past thinking its experience should be something one has to learn from
When your eyes begin to see an ear, you'd be foolish to still keep thinking the ears still belong to you
For those who never recognises the part when it's over means it's the end
ON MARRIAGE AND FEMINISM Homefronts are matters of responsibility which should be based on agreed principles backed up by approved tenets. Before the walls of marriage should feminism come in, not in the marriage. It'd end up becoming catastrophic and birthing sadists
Secrets of successful marriages

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