Ezra Juellinge Poems

Deceived Me

I never knew our story would be bound to turn,
A heart breaking one, that'll actually burn,
Never knew you could be so rough,
Even a single "Hii! ! " now seems tough.... more »

A Heinous Smile

Glimmering eyes and sturdy limbs,
Charred lips and bloody grins,
Restrengthened lives and smashed hearts,
Ignored yells and dark chuckles.... more »


My home is somewhere between that river,
That flows to the receiver from the giver.

My home is somewhere between those forests,... more »

Ezra Juellinge Quotes

Sisters ain't gofers nor are they governesses, instead they are angels who prop the holed side of the umbrella over their heads, trying to obstruct the path of the rain towards you.....
For all the sisters on earth
My heart struggled to abide by yours and canter into your addiction but all I received as a bewildering present was abhorrence. I doubt that the tears I had shed waiting for you were inadequate 'cause I shouldn't ever blame the great lines 'Everything comes to him who waits'
Just penned what I felt
.....and the hoary story books were evicted and forced to hied because they considered them a hokum and chalant but this was all abstruse for the whatsapp messages and instagram posts
Books weep

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DELICATE 17 Jun 2018 11:02
Keep it up Loved your work
SAPPHIRE 17 Jun 2018 11:02
Great work Keep I up.