• A Girl That I Met

    I met her down streets one evening,
    She was coming out of what she calls home,
    Where she had left a family,
    That is her responsibility,... more »

  • A Girl Without Home

    Her both parents are alive,
    But the marriage had splitted,
    So they got a divorce,
    Everyone on his and her owns.... more »

  • A Promise

    I promise to love you,
    Today and tomorrow,
    I promise you,
    I will never dare,... more »

  • A True Friend

    Knows when your face is dirty,
    And dare to tell you the truth,
    And helps you to make it.... more »

  • A Word Of Love

    Say a word,
    That will change my life,
    That will erase the sorrow,
    That will cure the wounds,... more »

  • Ada Ya Mja

    Hili linawezekana, ijapokuwa ni gumu,
    Na halitoshindikana, ndiyo yetu majukumu,
    Nitakufundisha sana, mi hapa ndiyo mwalimu.... more »

  • Affection

    Fill me with a romance,
    To satisfy my soul,
    Adore me so affectionately,
    To enjoy the world.... more »

  • Alaa Kumbe!

    Asubuhi waamka,
    Waanza kukuna kichwa,
    Utawaza sana!... more »

  • An Aged Woman

    She is left all alone in the village,
    She is at the age of ninety seven,
    She manages to walk only with a stick,
    She is living alone in her house,... more »

  • As The World Turns

    Just simple words of love,
    From a heart that wants a strive,
    As I want to be out of this feeling grove,
    Because your name always means love,... more »

  • As You Live Longer

    sun rises from east every morning,
    giving you new hopes,
    making you meet new friends,
    and learning new things in life,... more »

  • As You Told Me

    Got on my mind something to think,
    The pains,
    Or the worries,... more »

  • Be Thankful

    Be thankful my dear,
    Always learn to thank them.

    People will ignore you,... more »

  • Being Yours

    One thing I love the most,
    From the first moment,
    I put my eyes on you,
    Since the day I met you.... more »

  • Busy World

    People of this modern world,
    Are too busy, too busy,
    So many times we fail,
    To accomplish the important tasks,... more »

  • Coming Home

    Oh yes mama,
    I was busy somewhere,
    Earning my daily living,
    The living is a battle,... more »

  • Don'T Weep Anymore

    I heard you crying last night,
    I heard you whispering so touchfully,
    Unfortunately your tone is gone,
    I heard the words from your mouth,... more »

  • Duniani Kuna Watu

    Kuna watu duniani, watu hao wacha Mungu,
    Wamejawa na imani, siyo watu wa majungu,
    Hao ni watu makini, kizazi tangu na tangu,
    Duniani kuna watu.... more »

  • Furaha Yangu Moyoni

    Furaha yangu moyoni,
    Ni pendo'lo la thamani,
    Sitochagua huzuni.... more »

  • Good Friendship

    Isn’t being bought from the supermarket,
    Or placed in the showrooms,
    Neither at any how fela,
    Isn’t the way so many people think,... more »

  • Good Old Days

    Where are those good old days,
    When you were there,
    Alive and strong?... more »

  • Hope

    When you're in totality of sorrow,
    And not knowing any of tomorrow,
    But you're assuring yourself of strength,
    Even when time will be of a certain length,... more »

  • How It Feels

    The trench of life trends to its naturality,
    When the true feelings reserve their originality,
    There are no more hills to climb,
    Nor frustrations to succumb,... more »

  • Huba

    Nijaze mie mahaba,
    Ili nile nikashiba,
    Nipe mapenzi ya huba,
    Nitosheke na dunia.... more »

  • I Love Life

    I love life....

    For the good it gives...... more »