A son of a school teacher.

My mother was my language teacher. She influenced me to learn writing poems and prose. By that time, I couldn't understand it's impact into my life.

Today, I feel privileged to have authored five Swahili books, one of them being a poetry. And, so much more to come, as long as my feet will carry me.

I write in English and Kiswahili, the language of East Africa.

I write about love and sometimes politics and society.


Fadhy Mtanga Poems

As You Told Me

Got on my mind something to think,
The pains,
Or the worries,... more »

As You Live Longer

sun rises from east every morning,
giving you new hopes,
making you meet new friends,
and learning new things in life,... more »

It's A Christmastime

The Christmas is here,
Rejoice with me,
The Christmas is here,
Be happy with me,... more »

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