• Come Back My Love To Me

    Come back my love to me because my heart with you...

    I can't forget your love..so please my love...... more »

  • Don'T Leave Me

    I will say..I will write it by eye drops because my drops became something easy...
    No problem my heart pain died by crumble
    my heart died because love you with all believe and adherence...
    my love... I can't understand you are disloyalty... more »

  • Fell Me

    every day
    late at night
    people are sleeping
    All thing clam... more »

  • My Angel

    I MISS U

    I NEED YOU NOW... more »

  • My Love Today? ؟ ؟ ؟

    My love you must to know today your love make me crazy

    I love you love nobody love you AS me my love... more »