• A White Flower

    I write the codes
    you will decipher
    we all live by... more »

  • Another Step In Character Development

    How could I be unsure,
    the guilt emerging here
    I'll never be as pure,
    my head will never clear... more »

  • Heaven Prevails

    Take me to your dreamland
    We will combine our fantasies
    Build ourselves a castle
    with mountains spread crost seas... more »

  • Hidden

    Continue to feed the monster
    replenishing the source
    Don't give the beast awareness
    deepening the core... more »

  • Identity Theft

    Victim of identity theft
    that's what i seem to be
    who would have thought I'd be left
    No one to look up to besides me... more »

  • Light Switch

    I try to think while my brain conquers
    Gazing off into another dimension of myself... more »

  • Lust

    More mistakes and urges
    I'm a disaster site for right now
    Don't know where to go from here
    I guess I'll drive around... more »

  • Nonsense Betrayed

    Whyd i go and do this to myself
    should have known it wouldnt be a clean cut
    and now the razors back on the shelf
    my soul twisted back into a rut... more »

  • Obscure

    Radio waves
    bounce off the car walls
    as a cat down the street
    crawls... more »

  • Old (Infamous L Word) Poem

    You always seem to justify,
    the way you make my heart shed

    Well I've wasted too many rags... more »

  • Reconstruct Predestiny

    Love the victims
    of our darkened society
    Hug a stranger,
    spread serenity... more »

  • Sense Intunation

    Watch me as I crumble
    I'll break apart and die

    Hear me as I'm screaming... more »

  • Spider Web

    You're a spider in its uglier form
    Stealing what you need
    Jumping soul to soul,
    this nasty little deed,... more »

  • The Plague

    I am the new plague
    consuming your energy flow
    until the beam runs dry
    You can't escape me... more »

  • Time Stoppers

    I’m afraid I may be late
    A year to be precise
    Why did I wait
    And choose self sacrifice?... more »