• 6 Months Too Long (Song)

    6 months is too long for you
    6 months was just enough for me
    for both of us to see... more »

  • Almost There Marriage

    why cant they see how this all affects me
    they drag me along for the journey
    up, down. twist around, im getting hurt all the time
    I hear things they don’t know I hear... more »

  • Alone With The Music

    I may miss him when im living
    and im fine when im surrounded by my friends
    but when left alone the pain comes in an overpowering wave
    the splash affect takes my body by surprise... more »

  • Ashes On Her Shelf

    Kill me now
    somebody put me out of this misery
    if you loved me you surely would
    help me help myself... more »

  • Betrayal


    you once stood in my way of happiness
    and now im standing as far away as I can... more »

  • Broken Over You

    I hate guys, they need to die
    why suffer this over populated earth
    use the air im meant to breathe
    let them drowned, burn or hang... more »

  • Broken Us

    I broke him for another
    to show him all my possibilities
    and in the process of breaking him
    I broke myself into a millions pieces... more »

  • Chivalry

    Im fighting back with all the strength you have left me
    im giving the last battle my all
    every thing you have giving me you have taken away
    my weaknesses show and are advantages for the opponent... more »

  • Cutting Deep

    Its my life and my dreams
    there it goes
    watching it slip through my hands
    like dirty glass... more »

  • Denial

    That girl of his better be something special
    she got what I might want
    one day I might open my eyes and see
    him sitting there staring back at me... more »

  • Dont You?

    don’t you see, don’t you care, don’t you know
    haven’t you noticed the smile on my face has faded away
    and Im still here but without myself
    Im standing by... more »

  • Eyes

    Blue is the brightness that shines through your eyes
    your eyes are the things that looked into me and lied
    so many times I have forgiven
    and so many times I have cried... more »

  • Fear Of Kisslessness

    I looked into his eyes
    and saw the fear I once held
    afraid of the unknown
    and simply curious... more »

  • Finally Free

    a motion so common to others
    take the pain so others don’t
    I did that for so long
    I dug the hole deeper and deeper with every fight... more »

  • Foolish Boy

    yea I know I meant to
    so what, it only hurt him a little
    and me it was just plain fun... more »

  • Guilty

    I plea guilty before you
    go ahead take them away
    imprisonment is only punishment for socialists
    but for I its retirement... more »

  • Hate

    I hate her for what she did
    I hate myself for doing it
    I hate him for being who he was and not willing to change
    I lost everything... more »

  • Hold

    and ill hold my breath
    as long as you hold my hand
    and ill hold back the tears
    if you hold your words... more »

  • Hollow Hearted

    the hollow heart that lays beneath my skin
    it pounds off beat to my breath
    sore deep within
    staring into a dull black and white world... more »

  • I Am From

    I am from the darkest of places
    where no one sees the truth
    where lies, fake and false combined as one
    I am from the never ending circle of life ... more »

  • I Hate

    I hate this
    I hate not knowing
    I hate the pain
    I hate the lost feelings... more »

  • I Wouldnt

    They think they know all to well
    they think they get everything
    their always telling me you wont Ang
    and I think hard would I?... more »

  • Im Sorry

    I'm sorry I fell for you
    I'm sorry I asked you out
    I'm sorry you hurt me
    I'm sorry we spent time together... more »

  • Kids And Grandkids

    Ill try to remember the best things about you
    and ill try to forget all the bad memories
    and ill tell my kids and grand kids to come
    about how you would of been... more »

  • Kill Me

    Kill me now
    somebody put me out of this misery
    if you loved me you surely would
    help me help myself... more »