I am 17. i have been through hell in my life. my parent ended up getting involved with drugs. and I mean meth and pot and shrooms and heavy stuff. well while my parents did this I would stay with my grandma I was about 2-10 when all of this happened. When I was four my mom had another baby. well some years later. my parents got so envolved with drugs that I took care of my sister and I was about 8-10.I have seen many crazy things in my life. but when I was 12 my parents got married again and had a son. My mom didnt do drugs after he was born so my mom got a divorce with my dad. We moved with my grandma in Bosque Farms from Farmington. When we moved my mom fell ill with Schizophrenia and depression. she has been on and off fighting her life with drugs. she is now at a mental home or she goes in and out of them. when she does go to the hospital Its hard for the whole family. especially for my bro and sis. I treat them as if as they were my own.My dad got thrown in jail for many charges and I wont see him untill 15 years from now.In 2006 I lost my best friend or my grandma. she raised me and taught me right from wronge and she taught me how to raise kids. and for that I thank her. everyday is a challenge for me. between family issuies and trying to finish high school it can be a big challenge.oh yeah I am also bi and i dont care if you dont like it our not its my life so deal with it


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