• ~kiss~

    As we begin to kiss. I reach around you and hold you so close.
    so close that i can feel and hear your heart beating.
    As I gaze in your beautiful brown eyes.our lips begin to touch.
    Oh how so soft and warm.I never knew you can feel like this.... more »

  • Be Me Again

    im here full of hate
    its so deep that its eating at my soul
    how can i dare begin to exlain this pain
    this pain that turns into into sadness and confusion... more »

  • Emotions

    while i am here hurting
    but here i am trying
    trying to hold this pain
    this pain thats been sinking in... more »

  • Everytime

    Every time i see you i get butterflies in my stomach
    Everytime i feel you I stop to breath.
    Everytime i taste your sweet lips against mine i dont want it to never end
    Everytime you talk to me i feel safe... more »

  • Fallen

    ... more »

  • Gone But Not Forgotten

    ... more »

  • Sister

    Ring around the Rosie
    Daddy's all dozy
    Mama's in the bathroom
    Sticking needles in her toeses... more »