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i am also poet of urdu and english i thanks you with a lot of loves
Hi thanks for the use
Heart of poetry
A very good poet, indeed.. I've posted a few words.. and an Italian translation of a few lines, like the ones below: '' Oh, God of May have mercy. Bless these withered bodies with the passion of your resurrection; make their dead veins flow with blood again. '' ITALIAN: '' Oh, Dio di maggio sii misericordioso. Benedici questi corpi avvizziti con la passione della tua risurrezione; fa' che in queste morte vene fluisca di nuovo il sangue. '' _
Faiz was one the greatest urdu poets. He gave a new dimension to Urdu poetry by introducing new phrases and innovative terms in it. He wrote on various subjects. Most of his poetry is autobiographical. His poem 'Yad' is one of the masterpieces of Urdu poetry.
absolutely great Urdu poet...non-pareil