Falana Idowu Zion Quotes

From my experience hitherto, the world and its inhabitants are poetic
The world is filled with beautiful nature and its inhabitants has a lot to teach.
Determination will only determine your success, when you have the courage to determine your determination.
Not happy, Not sad; Just accept life as it is...
Life is just as it appears, A glance flitted like a bird. Life is not a problem to be solved But a reality to experience.
Wake up every morning, not with a mind full of melancholy, but with ardor of hope and a face filled with laughter.
Look beyond my speech, consider the tears on my face, My tears speaks louder than my speech.
Love is a kiss under water, only the valorous men could take a step; The weak gets drowned, and back out like an army on retreat
When the beautiful morning comes, the ray of the sun kisses us, the garden of flowers greets us, sowing how beautiful the nature is....
The Phenomenal world
At the sight of the shining sun, the awesomeness of the trees, I whispered to my soul within, what a wonderful world.
Your attitude is as clear as the sky, bright as the day, reflects on your face and speaks louder than you think......