• After Forty Years Of Snow

    After forty years of snow
    Do you remember the watch you gave to me wrapped in a poem?
    It is still bound to my soul's meaning
    The more time passes... more »

  • Credible Lies

    Credible lies
    Oh, Faleeha
    How brilliant is your future
    I whisper in my ear... more »

  • Faces Of Love

    Faces of love
    Do not carry me in your hand
    Like a small bird wet with rain drops
    Love is a traumatic experience... more »

  • I'm Crying

    I'm crying
    Not because you squeezed my heart and threw it like a sponge into desert,
    Yes, I'm crying but not because you did not smile at me
    but your teeth look whiter than white when you saw a woman's shadow pass you,... more »

  • In Nights Of War

    In Nights of War
    My mother forced us to go to sleep before sunset
    She told us
    The warning siren will take the sleep from your eyes... more »

  • My Dangerous Memory

    • My Dangerous Memory
    Oh, great
    Whenever I dream of birds
    The cages fly above my head... more »

  • My Guest

    My Guest
    There is nothing more important than you, my guest
    I will delay my sickness until you leave
    And I will cover my sadness with a big smile... more »

  • On The Bus

    On the back seat
    She sat close to him
    And he was trying to reduce the distance between them
    But her bag was there... more »

  • The Poet

    The poet
    Imagine yourself without poetry
    Your life would-be like this... more »

  • Tonight

    When I entered my apartment
    The stairs were lying like tired men after a hard day's work
    The door a yawning mouth... more »

  • Two Soldiers

    Two soldiers
    Let's celebrate
    Let us run to that hill
    Let us climb up the remains of that tank and sing... more »

  • Unfortunately

    I can't be an angel
    As you requested
    The feather I had been saving for the past year
    From the slaughtered ducks... more »

  • Unreachable

    Oh, my god
    This poem!
    Whenever I try to make her stand on the reality line
    She flutters like Marilyn Monroe's dress in the imaginations of men... more »

  • When I Drink Tea In New Jersey

    When I drink tea in New Jersey
    Like a girl who writes poetry about a boy she has never seen My day sits with all this disappointment
    Counting her fleeting moments
    I remember my mother using the smell of onions... more »