• Another Love Poem

    Love is like a bird-
    you catch it only to watch it fly away
    you stand and remember without a word... more »

  • Beyond Something We Know

    Beyond the mist of time
    Beyond this veil of tears
    Beyond earthly things so fine
    Beyond these hopes or fears... more »

  • Gone

    i am the fear in your eyes
    i am the truth in your lies
    i am the thoughts for the mindless
    i am the hate in your kindness... more »

  • I Will Wait Forever...

    you had my heart in the palm of your hand
    your hazel eyes sucked me in like quicksand
    i trusted you with my deepest secrets
    and all i got were deepest regrets... more »

  • Just Sleep

    I can't go to sleep
    Because I'm afraid to dream
    Because my dreams
    Turn into nightmares... more »

  • Multicolored

    multicolored fish
    watch the world eating cereal
    at home
    sLeeping flowers... more »

  • The Fight Of The Sun

    as the Sun rises and battles the
    last remaining tendrils of the
    darkness, and the light vanquishes
    the remainders of night, we sit... more »

  • The Tale Of An Angel

    you broke my wings-i cannot fly
    my heart now shattered-my hopes were high
    bloodstained feathers scattered all around
    torn and bloodied i am in pieces on the ground... more »

  • The Unseen

    i saw a dirty blur on the street
    hungry stomach, dirty feet
    filthy skin, cold hard eyes
    grubby hands, pain inside... more »

  • Until The End Of Time

    A woman stands on silver rocks
    she gazes out onto the scene
    sun shining on her golden locks
    her frame is tall, thin and lean... more »