i have had my heart broken a couple times and i will probably write about it a ton. im sorry. deal. im seventeen and an amateur poet. my poems are probably crappy but whatever...its practice. i love all people until they give me a reason not to. i can be very deep at times and very shallow at others. i dont really trust people online except my friends from school...sorry i will write alot about angels because i have a japanese name that i picked because i liked how it sounded and it turned out to mean angel so i feel they have much symbolism in my life...comment and rate my poems please!


Fallen Angel Poems

The Tale Of An Angel

you broke my wings-i cannot fly
my heart now shattered-my hopes were high
bloodstained feathers scattered all around
torn and bloodied i am in pieces on the ground... more »

I Will Wait Forever...

you had my heart in the palm of your hand
your hazel eyes sucked me in like quicksand
i trusted you with my deepest secrets
and all i got were deepest regrets... more »

Another Love Poem

Love is like a bird-
you catch it only to watch it fly away
you stand and remember without a word... more »

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